To bring delight into the lives of children with cancer through the delivery of Cakes Against Cancer.

We are working hard to provide children who are currently going through cancer treatments a “designer” quality cake once a year for their birthday, or occasionally another special event. This is where our volunteers help miracles come true. We want to help these kids just be kids at least one day a year and experience the magic of childhood during their brave battle with this insidious disease. We recognize their bravery and they are "our" Gold Ribbon Warriors.

Started with a young lady that met and began providing custom cakes to local children with cancer. To her, the smile on their faces and their appreciation made it all worthwhile. Energized by this, she set out to spread the word with friends and family and coalesced together a very passionate and dedicated group of individuals to start the Foundation. Through their hard work, and the generosity of volunteers and bakers the Foundation has become a reality. We hope that it keeps growing as it is such an amazing cause.

Our volunteer “Gold Ribbon Baker” is given contact information on a child 6 weeks prior to the date needed, and are asked to directly contact the parents so they may share with what design the child wishes to have for their special occasion. From there the Gold Ribbon Baker could make all arrangements that work for the childs family or our volunteers are there should they need us to facilitate communication by and between the parents and them.

We hope to continue to bring happiness to these amazing children as long as there is a need, our volunteers keep working away and most importantly, we can continue to rely on the generosity of Golden Bakers to take to heart our cause. Hopefully someday there will be no more cancer and no need for what we do!

If you would like to learn more about our Foundation please click here (, to become a volunteer ( ), to become a Gold Ribbon Baker (, and to submit your child's name for a cake (

Cakes Against Cancer For Kids Foundation is an IRS Registered 501(c)3 Non-profit Corporation in the State of Kentucky EIN#: 46-1046158.